"On a mission to help thousands of young women find a clear purpose in their life, unleash the power within them, reach their goals and fulfill their life long dreams while multiplying their income. From weight loss to relationships, from finding their passion to starting businesses, women of all ages are discovering their power, passion and capability to live the life of their dreams... and you can too!"


DaLa Daniels is a woman born and raised in St. Petersburg, Florida. DaLa was known as the reserved and shy, smart girl. She always questioned herself, the people around her and the reasons for existence.


During her high school years, DaLa decided to become an entrepreneur. While there, she became fond of photography. DaLa was the friend who always remembered to bring her camera capturing the memories and sharing them with her friends over social media. DaLa’s friends from that point forward counted on her to bring the camera. DaLa took great shots and did superb editing.
DaLa then fell in love; giving birth at the ripe age of 18 with a 3.9 GPA and college scholarships. Once again, DaLa felt uncertain of her future. Despite this low point of her life, she still continued on with schooling struggling her first two years in college. At that time, DaLa managed caring for a young child, school and worked a full time job. Unexpectedly, her nineteen month old baby went missing. With God’s grace, her son was found safe after several hours.


DaLa once thought she was the most ambitious person she knew. DaLa began to party, skipping class, and struggled with drinking. For years she had lived my life according to what (or whom) she thought could make me happy. DaLa found herself in unhealthy relationships, living a dark, gloomy, isolated, unsatisfying life. DaLa was struggling with paying bills, taking care of her son, etc.
Apart from it, she also struggled with depression and self-image. She wondered how all these troubling things would end. Through the support of friends, mentors and family, she discovered her own value and purpose in life. She began exploring various jobs such as marketing, clerical jobs, debt consolidation and the like. Everywhere she worked she didn’t find satisfying or filling, staying employed no longer than 3-6 months at a time; though, she gained the best learning experience, none held her attention very long.


Real estate investing allowed her to earn residual income. She began devoting more of her evenings and time off studying, reading and educating herself on real estate investing. On the weekends, she would take photos of families, friends and events. It was then DaLa came to grips that she couldn’t find fulfillment working for someone else. Life coaching inspired DaLa because of her unexpected experiences and life challenges. She further realized that her journey was her destination. She read personal growth books and attended many seminars.

She decided to pursue her passion and enrolled in the life coaching academy. She wanted to become a certified life coach who helps others. In pursuing this life coaching career, DaLa decided to leave her job as a school board employee. After years of looking for the real meaning of her life, life coaching is what her heart felt was right. This decision brought her to being a certified life coach at Coach Training Academy. DaLa is continuing pursuing her dreams as a certified life coach, photographer, and real estate investor. The best thing about DaLa is her passion for giving. DaLa is an active philanthropist who gives regularly to charities such as, “Habitats for Humanity”, “The Potter’s House”, “All Children’s Hospital”, and “The National Center of Missing &Exploited Children.”

A graduate of St. Petersburg College with an A.A. degree in business, DaLa is presently attending college for Business Management. DaLa is an active volunteer who enjoys her financially free lifestyle. DaLa acts as CEO of Dala Chanelle Photography, New Beginning Realty, and other future projects in the making. DaLa is also writing her first self-published book, due to hit Amazon in December 2014.
Be more inspired with Dala Daniels in her life’s challenges, desperation and successes that are all a part of life!
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“In a ‘killer’ pair of stilettos, capturing captivating shots for an affordable price.”


DaLa’s style is modern and fresh. She works with each client to carefully stylize each session from props to fashion to capture images that pop and showcase you and your family at your best. Her clients love her friendly personality that puts them at ease during their session filled with laughter and fun. DaLa works exclusively on-location either at your home or at a favorite venue, this will be discussed with you once you book your session. DaLa offers sessions in and around the Tampa Bay Area.


✓ Graduation
✓ Parties
✓ Engagements
✓ Weddings
✓ Pregnancy
✓ Babies/Children
✓ Family
✓ Personal (Personality)

“I can’t wait for our session together and to create unique & beautiful art for your family.”

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My mission is to help you turn your dreams into reality. It is my vision to help thousands of women all over the world improve, enhance and elevate their life. From weight loss to relationships, from finding their passion to starting businesses, women of all ages are discovering their power, passion and capability to live the life of their dreams… and you can too.
While you’re in my life, I’ll uplift you and challenge you to go beyond yourself today, to the “self” you want to be tomorrow. We’ll bridge the gaps, we’ll eliminate the obstacles, we’ll remove the fear, doubt and insecurities and replace them with confidence, knowledge and habits that will help you accelerate your path to fabulous, extraordinary living! It doesn’t matter what’s happened up until now… from this moment forward, you have a new opportunity to begin again.
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DaLa founded New Beginning Realty (NBR) to help individuals and families of all walks of life achieve and surpass their investing and lifestyle goals. NBR focus on providing investments with consistent, double-digit returns, while taking the entire headache out of the purchase and management side.
NBR have helped clients worldwide to expand the earnings and reach of their investment strategies to maximize their return, often opening their eyes to goals they never dreamed possible. DaLa’s team works tirelessly across the country to bring us the best properties in every market, so we can provide you with an investment asset that is second to none by consistently selling these assets to investors as turn-key investments where cash-flow is king.

DaLa’s goal is to ensure that every transaction goes as smooth as possible.
NO Closing Costs | NO Escrow Fees
NO Title Fees | NO Agent Fees
NO Commissions | NO Bank Fees
& Easy Transactions Best Support
DaLa’ performs intense due diligence on every property to ensure that they are portfolio quality, and every property is sold in top rental condition with tenant, management, and insurance in place. DaLa offers simple but powerful instruction, guidance and direction.

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Motivational & Empowering
Public Speaking
Visionary & Goal Setting
Problem Solving
Business Knowledge
Entrepreneurial Knowledge


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Everyone wants happiness, success, love, and a fulfilling life – Read these personal testimonials and see how DaLa is helping better lives. DaLa loves to hear from our satisified clients and visitors or tell us about your experience. Just fill out the form below...

Thank you to DALA for the wonderful photography session on our special wedding day! Your professionalism and expertise went above and beyond, I truly thank you again from the bottom of my heart! <3 - Vanessa H.    Today, with DaLa’s expertise, I have accomplished more then I could ever imagine! I have designed my dream job along with action steps to make this come true. I am preparing myself for when I meet the man of my dreams. She taught me how to show up, be present, and let go. I see life in a whole different light! Hiring DaLa is one of the BEST decisions I have ever made! - April W.    DaLa is a on stop shop of assistance who has help me gain clarity and has made a real impact in my life. She just brings out the best in you. - Maria C.

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It’s okay to want to escape for good, rather than trying to “manage” the "situation." #acceptance

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This collection of work demonstrates my skills, talents, abilities and social activity. Though these artifacts represent a sampling of my educational and life pursuits, they provide evidence and hopefully will testify to my character and personality. Enjoy!

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